About Us

Started by two food enthusiasts, Eat Good Go (EGG) is a select brand of food. “सर्वांसाठी पोषक आहार”, as the tagline goes, the endeavour plans pocket-friendly, diverse, delicious, healthy and nutritious food items for all to enjoy. Having a range of options in smoothies, salads, Indian vegetables, curries, and desserts, our clients will never get bored of repetition for a long time. We operate from a cloud kitchen where cleanliness is of utmost importance. Thus our clients are assured of hygienically prepared food. Thus one can enjoy a life that is immune to the evils of the Covid-19 and other viral diseases.


What we do

We curate meals according to the plan option selected by you. We provide variations in the menu. You get is tasty, freshly cooked, calorie counted customised food at your doorstep.

Our Team

Conceptualised and run by a dynamic duo the young and feisty nutritionist Archana Vanmore and the zestful, endearing, and talented actor, also a passionate food enthusiast, Ajinkya Parab. Together they have come to offer customised and calorie counted diet meals at an affordable price to the urban families, who have no time to cook their meals. While Archana looks after the food and the nutrition aspect of this endeavour, Ajinkya comes in with his creative expertise and innovative operational strategies.


How we do

Step 1. We understand the complete diet choices of our client
Step 2. We study the client’s clinical history
Step 3. We keep in mind our clients taste preferences
Step 4. We provide compulsory nutritionist’s food guidance counselling to our clients before starting the plan.

Why Choose Us



Select the plan according to your health needs.


We give you a free nutrition counselling before starting with our diet plans.


You then get to order freshly cooked Low Calorie meal sitting in comforts of your home.


You get your customised meal delivered at your doorstep which is low calorie and high in nutrients.

Get Result

Our diet plans show visible results within a week of consuming food provided by us.

our Clients

Timely delivery at your door step

Enjoy delicious food stress free delivered at your doorsteps.


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